Reaching Digital Natives

This Toolkit is designed to help you reach a digitally connected generation! We know that students are spending A LOT of time online. In fact, research tells us (Global Youth Culture) that teens are spending on average 7 hours and 23 minutes online daily. We found that students are spending more than 2 hours  on social media daily. As the young people you lead begin to frame their worldview and leverage their platforms, we want to help you navigate that as a leader! This Toolkit pulls together the best of our research and resources to equip you for the conversation on digital connection!


Research provides the insight we need to effectively guide the next generation on their faith journeys and is central to everything we do and create at Feed. Our team has created research resources that will practically equip you to minister to Gen Z in an effective and meaningful way.

Use our research to help inform and frame your ministry strategy! You can also use it to educate yourself and your youth ministry team about the unique needs of Gen Z.

We want to share some discoveries we’ve made about Gen Z with you! You can check them out here: GYC United States Report (see page 28 “Digital Connectedness and Impact.”)

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Small Group Series

We know it can be hard to engage teens in meaningful conversations about God’s Word every week, so we created a small group series to take some of that weight off. These small group series are designed to help you create a space for open and honest conversations as you take a deep dive into specific biblical themes as well as hot topic issues. Every lesson contains an icebreaker, short video, Bible passage, and discussion and application questions. 

Use our series with small groups, school clubs, or as a content resource for sermons!

We want to give you INSTANT access to the first lesson of our series #RealMe” HERE!

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Imagine if you could get a realistic look into how the young people in your community view their faith. That’s why Insights was created! It’s a library of micro-survey tools to help youth leaders measure the effectiveness of their youth ministry and the spiritual health of their youth.

We want you to be able to test the survey “Media Use” for yourself TODAY!

Also, you can check out what an Insights report looks like HERE

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Feed Lead

Feed Lead is a collection of videos designed to equip you and your team with innovative approaches to youth ministry. Lead videos are short and compelling, highly practical, and easy to share with your team! 

Watch Lead videos as a series or one at a time. We’ve made it easy for you to share videos directly with your ministry team—no login needed! Some of our videos also include a lesson guide—check them out to dive deeper into reflection and discussion. 

Your students are experiencing a deluge of information and influences in the digital world. Some good. Some bad. Hear this incredible conversation on helping your students navigate doubt HERE by viewing one of the videos from our Lead series Table Talk.

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Bible Reading Plans

Our Bible reading plans are designed to help your students dive deep into Scripture and apply the biblical text to their lives. Students can use reading plans on their own, or you can use them alongside our small group series. 

You can start the reading plan for #RealMe NOW!

You can also find this and all our reading plans on the Bible app

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Read and share our team’s latest thinking on relevant trends and topics in the youth ministry world. Our prayer is that these articles inspire you with fresh ideas on how to disciple your students in today’s constantly changing landscape.

We believe our post “Navigating Friendships in a Connected World” will encourage you today!

Connect With Our Team

The Feed team wants to be your partner in ministry! We’d love to connect to learn more about your youth ministry and learn how we can support you!

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